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Only recently robotics and automation entered the world of showbiz. KUKA Robotics Company is the world leader in the production of industrial robots and control systems. Today, high-precision robots KUKA can surprise with their new capabilities. Robo-hand in combination with LED screen can create a new dimension in the picture of a unique show of the project. Now LED screens are able not only to go up / down or move apart. RoboScreen gives a unique ability to transform screens in 3D space. In the combination of video content and the movement of the screen itself, incredible and unexpected scenes and effects can be created. The robot arm can control not only screens, but also lighting devices, decorations, planes for projection and even the artist himself!

Every day we have many new ideas of the way we can use KUKA in your show and we are looking forward to implement them! Screens are not the only ones which can be controlled by the Robot Arm. These might be light fixtures, decorations, planes for projection… even performers themselves! We have these and many other crazy ideas – so apply to PROFI Company! We will be always happy to create an incredible show together with you.